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As “wicked good“ as Boot Camp is in person, now you can get the mojo, ideas, strategies and fresh

take on real estate when you need the breakthrough, the push, the kick in the pants ONLINE.


Nothing says, “Damn it, I have to start the year out right if I want to have the best year of my career”

like joining Boot Camp in early January.



January 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 21, 24, 27


Gather your buddies, talk your broker/owner or manager into running a class, or join us solo and connect with our group of friends and colleagues in our virtual classroom.




Learn to secure a homeowner’s trust and listing at the right price…on the phone!


Develop a new approach to working with buyers so they don’t undermine themselves during the transaction.


Unlock the secret to better mental and physical health while juggling business and family.

(The earthy-crunchy-zen part doesn’t hurt, promise.)




Unlike any other real estate coaching, Linda O’ built and created Boot Camp to fill the void. Traditional real estate training focuses on compliance and lead generation. Who is out there teaching agents to do business at a higher level and outsmart the competition? Linda O’ is.


Linda challenges agents to look at every part of the real estate transaction differently. How can agents be more effective on the phone to win a listing at the right price and set the stage for cooperation by the homeowner?


Linda O’ is a no-nonsense-type-A driver, committed to raising the bar in real estate. Her “No whining, no petty drama, let’s be constructive” policy is renowned. Don’t mistake her for a zen, earthy-crunchy type, but count on her to borrow Eastern wisdom to enforce healthy routines to raise every particpants' happiness level. Yup — you can raise your happiness set point, and happier agents make more money.


Did we mention there is daily homework? What better way for agents to get cracking on 2020 then to commit to a course of action every day to start the new year out on the right path.


Linda’s refreshing approach to real estate is fun, loaded with valuable content, and effective in improving the career and life of agents. If your agents need a boost, a kick in the pants or new ways to run offense for your business, run a Linda O’ Boot Camp Challenge at your office and create climbers, not campers.












Are your agents tired of being a free consultant? Are they giving away all their strategies and tactics so Aunt Suzy from Guam can swoop in and list the property they've worked so hard to prepare for market?


Are your agents experiencing burnout because they work all the time and aren’t seeing the results they want? Are they taking care of themselves so they can take care of clients?



Grow a community of agents who will go to Boot Camp together. Let us know you plan to run a boot camp and we will group your agents together.


1. Have them sign up on by clicking on 'Register as an Individual Agent.'


2. Schedule your Boot Camp around our seminar release dates (January 8, 10, 13, 15 17, 21, 24, 27).


3. Gather your agents together for coffee and goodwill before each boot camp.


4. Find the biggest TV screen, heck a movie theater, and run boot camp for your agents at the start of the new year.


5. Run the two-hour sessions on your scheduled dates. 


6. Put your spin on the material for your agents after experiencing the online session.


7. Monitor your campers on the Linda O’ Boot Camp FB discussion page so that you can comment on their homework, inspire and encourage them and have fun as they grow.



There is no better way to start 2020 than with a compelling, exhilarating and enlightening class that examines our profession and ourselves with a different lens. Start rallying the troops. There are quitters, campers and climbers, let’s tackle the ascent to the top of real estate together.



This is not complicated. It is not hard to run. It is our second time going national and we welcome feedback to make your experience better.





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