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2024 Schedule

Join your colleagues
in person or stream live
for a full virtual experience.

Virtual Classroom: $99.   Leading Edge Agents: $199.   All Other Participants: $289

MHA Conference Center

500 District Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

10:00AM - 12:00PM EST
(Virtual streams at the same time)

Friday, January 5  

Wednesday, January 10  

Friday, January 12  

Wednesday, January 17

Friday, January 19  

Linda O' will be joined by a guest speaker in each session.


Day 1—Real Estate Rumble: Game-Changing Strategies and Smiles


Step into Linda O' Boot Camp for an experience that redefines your real estate approach. Immerse yourself in a dynamic journey filled with market insights and actionable strategies.

While the real estate industry is waiting for the DOJ directive on the commission lawsuit, we can read the tea leaves.  Those who are waiting to react will have to run a marathon overnight.  We are in training now to outperform the market if Buyer compensation isn't offered in MLS.  Stay tuned, we'll cover this in detail. 


While it may sound earthy, crunchy, we focus on eliminating distractions and integrating happiness into your sales techniques for tangible results. Let’s take a chapter from Blue Zone's longevity wisdom.


Plus, get ready to absorb the knowledge of Kurt Steinkrauss, a celebrated figure at Mintz and Boston's Best Lawyers in America 2022 winner. He'll share his disciplined approach, insightful business philosophy, and effective methods for navigating challenges and complex interactions. You'll leave inspired and ready to tackle 2024 with vigor.


This isn't just training; it's a transformative step towards a more prosperous and fulfilling career in real estate.

Session Highlight, Kurt Steinkrauss

Day 2—Communication Masterclass: Clarity, Connection, and Conversion


Clarity First: Streamlining Real Estate Communication

In an information age, clarity in our communication is not just valuable; it's vital. Lauren Holleran's presentation emphasizes the power of simplicity in writing. It's about crafting straightforward, impactful messages tailored for clients who value their time. This approach champions directness and precision, ensuring every word serves its purpose. This is more than writing; it's about fostering trust and understanding in every exchange.


Conversational Catalyst: Strategy for Unforgettable Sales


Dive into an electrifying session with Nicky Lewenson, a dynamo in the world of sales engagement. Her approach transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, blending persistent curiosity with impactful communication. Learn the secrets of her spirited technique to ask the right questions and keep conversations going and glowing. Nicky's firecracker energy promises to infuse your sales strategy with renewed vigor and effectiveness.

Session Highlight, Nicky Lewenson and Lauren Holleran



Day 3—The End of Mediocrity: Revolutionizing the Buyer's Journey


Revamping our Buyer Consultation, we're tackling the Commission Lawsuits head-on.


Gear up to guide buyers in discerning dream homes from potential nightmares. Remember, your relevance in this industry is short-term if you open doors and shuffle papers.

This session is about transforming agents into indispensable advisors, highlighting the vast difference between average and exceptional. We're not just conducting transactions but delivering unparalleled expertise and unforgettable experiences. Mediocrity is out of the question. Prepare to redefine real estate value!

Bill Butler will channel the best of a bad brokerage by re-incarnating Hunter Brisbane (his evil on-screen twin) as we consider best practices when working with buyers. Additionally, Bill will discuss how to do research on potential clients before you meet them.

Ramsay Fretz will explain the parallel between commercial real estate compensation and how residential real estate will mirror that model. 


Session Highlight,  Bill Butler and Ramsay Fretz.​​​


Day 4Echoing Uniqueness: Crafting a Distinctive Brand in Real Estate


Dive into a transformative class that pairs perfectly with Jeff Freedman's insightful presentation on how to stand out in a wash of agents who all look alike to the consumer. This session focuses on innovative real estate branding and marketing strategies, drawing inspiration from Jeff's success in advertising. You'll learn how to craft a unique brand identity, stand out with authenticity and become impactful in a crowded market. Expect a blend of creative techniques and practical advice for a dynamic and compelling personal brand.

Session Highlight, Jeff Freedman

Day 5—Real Estate with a Soul:
Profit and Philanthropy​


Conclude Boot Camp on a high note with Dave Barbato, the founder of Talent Retriever. In this session, Dave, the epitome of entrepreneurial success and compassion, will share his journey of building a thriving business while making significant strides in volunteer work with Housing Families. His story is a powerful reminder that success and social impact can go hand in hand. Dave's experiences offer practical lessons on balancing business growth, with a heart, for community service. Leave inspired to not only aim for a great year in real estate but also to embrace the role of a compassionate leader, making a difference in the world while achieving professional success.

Session Highlight, Dave Barbato

Face it, we're a perfect fit.
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Want the juice all year long, not just during Boot Camp? Join Leading Edge and get the critical info you need to grow your business, while other agents experience decline in this market. Get in touch with us today!

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