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Boot Camp

A paradigm-shifting program designed to redefine your role and your business

Dear Agents, Leaders, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Introducing Linda O's "CEO Boot Camp". You are the CEO of your enterprise. It's time to embody that role, take command, and unlock the CEO within.


Get ready to experience a powerful transformation as we bring you the 20th rendition of Linda O' Boot Camp! This year, we're committed to challenging, inspiring, and motivating you to hurdle any obstacles and make 2024 an extraordinary year in your real estate career.


To catalyze this transformation, we're welcoming a star-studded lineup of CEOs from multimillion-dollar corporations alongside brilliant agents eager to share their personal stories, victories, setbacks, and invaluable lessons from their journeys. We're tapping into the power of shared wisdom, and you're invited to partake.



Our extraordinary speaker lineup includes: 


Jeff Freedman: Jeff is a pure branding and marketing maestro, the ingenious mind and managing partner behind the Finn advertising firm in Boston. With a knack for crafting unique strategies, Jeff has successfully etched his name in the marketing world. Author of The Moral of the Story, learn from Jeff's insights on building his business from the ground up.


Dave Barbato: Founder of Talent Retriever, Dave is an inspiring example of entrepreneurial success. Beyond building his company, he also invests time in extraordinary volunteer work at Housing Families, proving that a successful leader is compassionate. Dave's experiences will provide practical lessons on balancing business growth and social impact.


Kurt Steinkrauss: A keen legal mind and champion business builder, Kurt is a sought-after speaker in Greater Boston. A driving force at Mintz., his Seinfeld-esque humor promises to deliver wisdom with a side of wit, creating an engaging and enlightening experience.


Lauren Holleran: Recognized as one of the most creative minds in the Boston market, Lauren leads an extraordinary business out of Gibson Sotheby's. She consistently challenges the status quo and introduces fresh, groundbreaking ideas to the industry. This year, Lauren addresses the importance of "clarity in our written communication." Amid the information overload in our fast-paced world, she'll guide us in communicating with our clients directly and simply.


Bill Butler: A distinguished Leading Edge agent and captivating educator, he brings his extensive expertise to the forefront of this session. Hands down, Bill brings the most entertainment value to Boot Camp, and will be debuting a new series of his short film on buyer agency.  Bill is resurrecting the character of Hunter Brisbane who embodies everything that is wrong with the industry. 

Ramsay Fretz: A standout in Boston's real estate landscape, Ramsay seamlessly navigates both commercial and residential sectors. His skill in negotiation and proactive problem-solving has distinguished him in the industry. At Linda O' Boot Camp, Ramsay will unveil his effective buyer engagement tactics, equipping participants to confidently demonstrate their value. His session is set to be a vital resource for excelling in markets where showcasing your unique expertise is crucial.

Nicky Lewenson: The Chief Revenue Officer at Final Offer and the former Head of Business Development for Shant Banosian, Nicky understands growth and effective conversations and connections. Nicky will share her most effective methods for growing your business.


Each of our distinguished speakers brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the table. Come prepared to soak in their wisdom, ask questions, and apply their lessons to your journey to CEO status.


In the current challenging real estate climate with decreasing inventory, we're dedicating significant time to strategies to help grow your listing inventory. We'll explore novel approaches, proven practices, and techniques to connect with more sellers and build a resilient, recognizable brand.


We're covering an impressive range of topics:


Adopting real-world advice for your entrepreneurial journey

Developing business routines for success
Tackling challenges, problems, and difficult people
Increasing your listing inventory with innovative strategies
Engaging more sellers with proven methods
Building a robust and appealing brand
Learning from past failures
Identifying traits that drive success

Gleaning wisdom from mentors

Linda O' Boot Camp 2024 is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about transformation. It's about confronting your beliefs, revising your approach, and unleashing the inner CEO ready to take charge.  Linda O' Boot Camp offers an intensive real estate training program designed to help you become a successful real estate professional. Through Linda's unique teaching style, you'll learn the skills necessary to succeed in the industry, all while living by the Ted Lasso truth - "Be kind, be great, be amazing."


You can join us live in Burlington, MA or virtually from anywhere in the world, becoming part of a vibrant community of real estate agents, all determined to chart their own course. In these challenging times, thinking differently and acting decisively is critical to staying ahead of the market. Let's reinvent the rules together at the CEO Boot Camp.


Get ready to disrupt the status quo, ignite change, and make 2024 the year you fully step into the CEO role in your life and your business.


With anticipation for our journey together,


Linda O'Koniewski
CEO, Leading Edge
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