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The most influential course you'll ever take, but don’t take our word for it...

"This is the best combination of hands-on knowledge & inspiration that one could ask for in a RE class."


"Linda's insight and enthusiasm were contagious to her guest speakers and attendees!"


"Linda O's Boot Camp was a fresh departure from the typical offerings found on the networking and convention circuits. I appreciated the perspectives and techniques not necessarily utilized in my community. Each guest speaker was passionate, engaging, and left you wanting to hear more. The 10 hours invested in this course was time and money well spent. I'll see you again in 2024, Linda!"


"Electrifying…the juice you need to boost you and your business. Linda is energetic and inspirational. Her knowledge and success is rarely shared…take advantage of her experience!" 


"I can't think of a better way to kick start my year. I always look forward to it and never fail to take something away from the experience I can implement in my business and personal life."


"Boot Camp kicks off the year with accountability and the resources to make my year profitable without excuses. Linda O’s knowledge and expertise in selling real estate and building her business stand out above and beyond all others. Her systems are foolproof, and she is willing to share them with anyone willing to listen. I have been attending her Boot Camp for 14 years and would not miss it for anything. Linda is an amazing mentor and a better friend."


"I only wish I was twenty years younger and had the information I have now.  Boot Camp is a boot in the A--.  It makes think and determined to implement some of the great ideas that present themselves."


"Boot Camp was great!!  The stories were so fantastic, and I loved the speakers.  It's so great to listen to other real estate agents and their thoughts on this upcoming year and how they will be moving forward with their business.  So much motivation in that one room."


"Linda O's Boot Camp isn't for any one segment of the agents out there...It's for everyone! I started coming to Boot Camp just after joining Leading Edge Real Estate, and that first year was enough for me to know I'd always come back for more. From new agents just starting to the area's top agents who are smart enough to know there's always a higher level to climb to...You'll find them all listening intently to Linda and her panel of guest speakers. I don't see Boot Camp as an option...I know it's an integral part of my yearly success. Never stop growing...Linda can help!"


"Linda O' is amazing. I knew from our first conversation that she was a powerful force.  The work that she puts into Boot Camp is incredible. I love that she doesn't only focus on the agents and the real estate world but your world as a whole. If you want to be successful, it is an all-encompassing journey. She encourages her ENTIRE staff to be a part of Boot Camp. Not once was I made to think that my presence wasn't important simply because I am not an agent. I can't wait to see what else comes along in 2024!"


"I LOVED EVERY MINUTE.  So glad I purchased my ticket. I learned a lot and connected with inspiring agents I otherwise couldn't.  Linda brought her creativity to each session, and the speakers were amazing. Worth the ticket in gold."


​“Boot Camp is certainly NOT just for realtors! Anyone looking to invest in your personal or professional self should be here. Where else can you get incredible real estate while she adds ideas for health, sleep, exercise, and being kind to yourself & others?! The camaraderie is unparalleled to any other class I have ever taken. I look forward to next year!  I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of Leading Edge! I get this LOVE throughout the year! Thank you, Linda!!”   



"I would never miss Linda Boot Camp.  It motivates you and your business to another level.  It is a good time to recharge and get ready for a busy year.  The speakers share how their business has grown & give you many ideas to grow your business.” 


"Linda is an exceptional speaker and engages her audience—you can hear a pin drop. She covers many topics that we can implement into our business. Always positive. She will make you a better agent."


"What I appreciated most about Linda O's Boot Camp was the incorporation of our overall well-being and mental health. There have been many events I've attended in the past that left me feeling completely overwhelmed and down on myself. My life is a busy, beautiful mess, and Real Estate career goal integration is challenging. I felt positive and energized after each Boot Camp class. I'm thankful for the opportunity to join such a wonderful group of fellow realtors and the amazing Linda O!"


"Boot Camp was energizing. It was great to be with other agents. Advice from speakers was great to balance the good, the bad, and the ugly from our perspective. Linda’s energy is spread through her drive, and her positive outlook is contagious. Thank you, Linda, for giving us drive--through songs, games, and advice. You’re a bright light."


"Here? Or somewhere else? Everybody needs a little Linda O’ in their life! Boot Camp is the best way to get on track and motivated for the next year. You will learn much and create great friendships with fellow attendees!"


"I looked forward to Boot Camp EVERY DAY!! It was inspiring and educational. Linda addressed so many topics that resonated with me. WORTH IT!!!"


"Linda O's Boot Camp boils down all the noise we are constantly bombarded with as realtors and provides a pure and concentrated, visually inspirational direction to supercharge your new business year and mindset. The format is designed to deposit golden nuggets of tools imprinted in your mind to efficiently implement into your business and boost your purpose for providing the best service to all clients. The guest speakers are also exceptional and are the perfect blend to topics to support the overall theme."


"Bootcamp this year was the same great energy and inspiration we've come to expect from Linda with great new content, ideas, and speakers with moving stories to share."


"Linda O’s boot camp is life-changing! It helped me form new positive habits, and actions that uncover hidden secrets of abundance and happiness. After hearing the stories from Linda and her guest speakers, I feel more appreciation for being a real estate agent."


"Linda O and her entire company are truly on the leading edge regarding trends, culture, and mindset."


"I have been an agent for over 20 years, and every time I attend one of Linda's Boot Camps, I come out with great ideas and motivation to grow my business.  I highly recommend attendance for old-timers and new agents.  She is the best and truly knows our business."


"Having been in the business for over 35 years, you would think there is nothing else to learn.  That is a myth, for sure.  Linda has been in the real estate business and is still in the trenches with many of her sales associates. She is spot on with current information and where we go from here.  I enjoy learning and relearning techniques from Boot Camp every year because it starts with your foundation.  Happiness, gratitude, and wanting to try something different.  I return with new ideas, ready to share and begin again with a smile."


"Linda O' Boot Camp 2023 was so inspiring. During this time of renewal in the new year and the market, Linda focused on us as becoming healthy individuals, mentally and psychically, first. It is a great reminder to set practices for the year. I have increased my exercise and incorporated meditation into my day, and I already feel more productive!   Also, the examples of thinking outside of the box with social media, listing descriptions, and events were incredibly enlightening and have prompted me to "shake it up"! Lastly, as a new agent, I am so grateful to be privy to your incredible listing presentation; this is invaluable information...thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration!" 


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