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Meet Linda O'

Linda O’s daring, provocative and edgy presentations are driving change in the real estate industry.

A sassy redhead, Linda is confronting standard real estate practice by turning assumptions upside down. She was named one of the most influential people in real estate by Inman News.

By incorporating emotional intelligence and behavioral science, Linda continues to develop new ideas, strategies and tactics for real estate professionals.

Convinced that agents can be very profitable without compromising the consumer, her training is driving amazing results for buyers, sellers and agents. She is devoted to coaching the heroes and heroines who work tirelessly to serve their clients. 

The proof it works?  Linda is the CEO of Leading Edge, with the distinction of having the highest per-agent transaction statistic in the Massachusetts.

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Signature Courses

The Psychology of Listing

Interested in attracting more sellers and gaining more listings? Linda teaches agents how to position themselves to be the agent of choice, how to market the most challenging properties with a sense of humor, and help sellers embrace ideas they resist. ​

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How To Be in Two Places at Once

Linda focuses on team building and advancing agent careers. Linda shows agents how to double their income while reclaiming leisure time! Agents walk away with concrete ideas on how and where to find the right people​.

Shed Your Skin

Agents can reinvent themselves for ultimate success! With Linda, agents learn what highly successful people do to catapult their game. Agents walk away five things to make you an efficient machine.​

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Listing Secrets

Be in demand with serious sellers and learn to succeed at listing appointments! Linda shows agents how to create inventory, attract sellers and tips on how to run a stellar seminar!​

Buyers, Tigers and Bears

Learn to Succeed with Buyers! Linda shows agents how to connect with Buyers so they WANT to sign a buyer agreement. Agents learn a different dance to educate buyers for a successful transaction and increase the odds of winning in competitive bid situations.

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Linda Would Love to Hear From You! Here's How You Can Reach Her...

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